Words and Music by Judy Collins
Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP)/ The Wildflowers Company (ASCAP)
(Administered by Universal Music Corp.)

The summer was sweet
And the flowers were blooming
The wind was as gentle
And sweet as a kiss
The great Northern Lights
Danced above us till morning
The stars were like diamonds --
We each made our wish.

The mountains were green
And they climbed to the heavens
The rivers ran sparkling down to the sea
Your laugh like a bell
Filled my heart with such gladness
Our songs they were happy
Our voices were free

We built a green bower
Of willows and roses
Sang of our pleasures
And sang of our woes
How could we have known
This would be your last summer
How precious the bower
How precious the rose

The world without you
Has gone dark as the winter
The sounds of the river
Are frozen and still.
The lark has grown silent
The stars have no luster
But I'll live through this darkness
I know that I will.

I know I will find you
Among the bright flowers
We'll walk in the rain
And we'll dance in the wind
We'll build a green bower
And fish all the rivers
We'll watch the stars fall
And we'll smile once again.

I still love you more
Than the earth and its beauties
You are all my seasons, 
We never shall part.
For though I have lost you
You live on forever
Oh joy of my future
Oh child of my heart.