Words and Music by Judy Collins
Universal Music Corp. (ASCAP)/ The Wildflowers Company (ASCAP) 
(Administered by Universal Music Corp.)

I was only nineteen
The morning you were born
With your hair fine and red
And your eyes like my own

Barely a woman
With only a song
I sang to keep you smilin
And held you all night long

Home through the streets
With you in my arms
Cold winter mornings
In a Colorado town

I've seen you stumble
You've watched me fall
You know I've got nothing
You know we've got it all

Rain comes down and the trucks rollin by
Does that old parka keep you dry?
Sixteen years old, out on the road
Tryin' to get to the sky

Back in September
You call’d me on the phone
"Ma, you know I love you,
But I gotta be own my own
Comes a time in a boy's life
When he's got to be a man,
Please don't try to find me
Please try to understand."

Got me a job in a rock and roll band
Gonna try to see if I can get by
Sixteen years old, out on the road, 
Trying to get to the sky.

I've watched you grow
Thru all these years
You've seen me stumble
I've watched your tears

Sometimes there were roses
Sometimes it was thorns
But I know you're gonna make it
As sure as you were born
And I hope from what you wanted
You get what you need
I know your gonna make it
You were born to the breed
Sixteen years old
Out on the road, 
Trying to get to the sky