Drifting Away

Words and Music by Judy Collins and Ari Hest
The Judy Collins PublishingCompany(ASCAP)/

Out on a blue southern ocean
I am humbled looking skyward
Beholden to the current
Floating on a gentle summer wave
Dreaming the day, drifting away

Nothing to do but do nothing
In the stillness of the moment
In the kindness of the sun
Just to be, the only thing I crave
Dreaming the day, drifting away

It's been a long lonely winter
Though my body had recoiled
Iā€™m now opened by the water
Renewed with a purpose
To return to you the love that you gave
Embracing the day, drifting away

There is a cloud hanging over
But I am looking past her
Though she is majestic
To the endless sky above
I've finally found the courage to be brave
Dreaming the day, drifting away