Traditional Song - arranged and adapted by Judy Collins
© 1961 Universal Music Group (ASCAP)/The Wildflowers Company (ASCAP)
(Administered by Universal Music Corp.)

Chorus: Oh a sailor's life is a weary life
For he robs the girls of their delight
Causes them to weep causes them to mourn
Loss of a true love, never to return

Oh father father build me a boat
And on the world's oceans I will float
Hail each captain as I pass by
There I'll ask for my sailor boy

Oh captain captain tell me true
Does my own Willie sail with you
Tell me soon to give me joy
None will I have but my sailor boy

Oh no kind lady he's not here
He drowned in the gulf and we buried him there
Upon the island as we passed by
There we left your sailor boy

Oh she rung her hands and tore her hair
Just like some lady in great despair
Called for a chair to sit her down
Penningdon for to write it down

Oh dig my grave wide and deep
Put a marble stone at the head and feet
On my grave a turtle dove
Tell the world I died for my love