Slow Burn

Words and Music by Judy Collins and Ari Hest
The Judy Collins PublishingCompany(ASCAP)/

I had a slow burn for you darling
We were walkin by the river
I was young and a fool, darling
I didn’t know about forever
We took a train to Vermont darling
We skied the mountains in the west
And all the while the fire smoldered
I felt it burning in my chest 

And we were walking by the ocean
On the coast of California
I felt that I should tell you something
But then the moment passed 

Life went on for both of us darling
(I was never very far) 
We went our separate ways
(but I had to stay away) 
I very seldom thought of you darling
(hard to remember) 
The past all a haze 

Then I saw you in the city
Couldn’t believe my eyes
Your eyes lit up and so did mine
There was so much to say
We walked together by the reservoir
(Hold my hand) 
And shared a glass of wine 

The time has passed away darling
I thought that flame was burning out
I had my life to live darling
Could I let go of any doubt 

When I saw you that day in the city
(Memories floated back) 
I suffered such a surprise
(It all was such a surprise) 

The fire was lit and the slow burn started
Had it never died

Now there’s a slow burn darling
(Just like there’d been before) 
Like a sweet, smoky song
(A longing in our hearts) 
And what I didn’t know darling
(Maybe this was meant to be) 
Was that your love was never gone

I have a slow burn
I have a slow burn
I have a slow burn

For you
I have a slow burn
I have a slow burn
I have a slow burn
For you