Whales and Nightingales




Liner Notes


Song For David (Joan Baez)
Sons Of (Jacques Brel-Gerard Jouannest-Eric Blau-Mort Shuman)*
The Patriot Game (Dominic Behan)
Prothalamium (Michael Sahl-Aaron Dramer)*
Oh, Had I a Golden Thread (Pete Seeger)
Gene.s Song (arr.& adpt. by Gene Murrow)
Farewell To Tarwathie (arr. & adpt. by Judy Collins)
Time Passes Slowly (Bob Dylan)
Marieke (Jacques Brel-Gerard Jouannest)*
Nightingale (Judy Collins)
Nightingale II (Judy Collins)*
Simple Gifts (arr. & adpt. By Judy Collins)
Amazing Grace (Arr. & adpt. by Judy Collins)

*Arranged and conducted by Joshua Rifkin
Produced by: Mark Abramson
Cover Concept and Art direction: William S. Harvey
Photography: Heb Goro

Track Listing

1. Song for David
2. Sons of
The Patriot Game
4. Prothalamium
5. Oh, Had I a Golden Thread
Gene's Song
7. Farewell to Tarwathie
8. Time Passes Slowly
9. Marieke
10. Nightingale I  
11. Nightingale II  
Simple Gifts
13. Amazing Grace