Fifth Album




Liner Notes:

Track Listing:

Production Supervisor: Jac Holzman
Recording Director: Mark Abramson
Cover Photo: Jim Frawley
Cover Design: William S. Harvey

Eric Weissberg: 2nd guitar on “Pack Up Your Sorrows”, “So Early, Early in the Spring”, “Thirsty Boots”, “Early Morning Rain”, “It Isn’t Nice”.
Richard Farina: dulcimer on “Pack Up Your Sorrows”, “Carry It On”.
Bill Takas: bass on “Pack Up Your Sorrows”, “Thirsty Boots”.
Bill Lee: bass on “Tomorrow Is a Long Time”, “Daddy You’ve Been on My Mind”, “Mr. Tambourine Man”, “Early Morning Rain”.
Danny Kalb: 2nd guitar on “Daddy You’ve Been on My Mind”.
John Sebastian: mouth harp on “Thirsty Boots”.
Bob Sylvester: cello on “Lord Gregory”.
Jerry Dodgion: flute on “It Isn’t Nice”.
Chuck Israels: bass on “It Isn’t Nice”.

1. Pack up your Sorrows
2. The Coming of the Roads
3. So Early, Early in the Spring
4. Tomorrow is a Long Time
5. Daddy You've Been on My Mind
6. Thirsty Boots
7. Mr. Tambourine Man
8. Lord Gregory
9. In the Heat of the Summer
10. Early Morning Rain
11. Carry it on
12. It Isn't Nice